to Research & Innovation



18-22 september 2017
Palma, Majorca


Our Goals

This creative worshop will allow to initiate our students, second year (Master degree) from Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (IMI) of École des Ponts and students from Master's Degree in Advanced Physics and Applied Mathematics-University of the Balearic Islands, to "research for innovation". At the end of this week, students will acquire (or confirm) the neccessary skills: there are a number of questions that must be addressed before tackling a project. Ideally, they will be able to propose the first step towards a solution (please see also program booklet).

Why is this skill so important?

"Real-life" problem are often ill-posed problems. A real challenge for the engineer is to reframe these difficult problems and turn them into a "more tractable one". However, applied mathematics engineers need to engage with all the actors (other engineers or sometimes customers). An opportunity to engage these dialogues: to be able to ensure a well-honed ability to explain complex concepts, to understand the problems of each contact and to suggest the tools that best meet their needs.

The methodology

17 projects are proposed by researchers or industrials. The students should decide on a topic (choose a project). Each project is handled by a group of 5-6 students. Deadline: 11 june 2017.

The benefit of this week

Another interesting viewpoint is the intercultural work. Spanish students (master's degree, UIB) will work with French students (master's, École des Ponts).

This workshop is valued at 1.5 credits (ECTS) for our students.

Last, this week may be the opportunity to give rise to vocations.